Complete Immigration Solution: The One No One Wants (EP. 378)

Complete immigration solution: Secure the borders, paving the way for a fair and effective long term solution.
Complete immigration solution: First, secure the borders.

A complete immigration solution is one of the important issues facing our country today. And there is a clear, workable, fair and comprehensive solution set that has been ignored for decades. Why? Some groups want illegals flooding in to get voters, others want the same illegals for cheap labor.

(N. B. With the weekly first Revolution 2.0™ YouTube video posted November 4th, and the podcasts continuing into their 4th year, this space is now a summary, more like my speaker’s notes, pointing to both the audio podcasts and the videos.)

I want a complete immigration solution. I don’t want open borders. No nation can exist for any length of time like that. And I don’t want to be the State of America in the United Nations of the World. What I do want is a secure, prosperous, welcoming America; an America that can continue to be attractive to and lead the way for the rest of the world. Here’s how we get to a complete immigration solution:

  1. First, secure our borders. Stop using the term “wall.” We don’t need a wall everywhere; technology, human observation and intervention, and natural boundaries will be very effective. 
  2. Insist that employers use E-verify prior to hiring. No more paying illegals an under market wage, and under the table.
  3. Use technology to track those who overstay their visas; by most accounts some 50% of those who are here illegally have simply overstayed their visas.
  4. Create a path to citizenship for those who are here illegally. Put them behind those who came here legally. And no voting; that’s a bridge too far for anyone who snuck in. 
  5. Allow in a generous number of legal immigrants every year based on 1. Merit–who we want–and 2. People who need to be here, regardless of what they can contribute. It seems like an 80/20 mix of merit and need is about right with 1.5M-2M per year. Today; 1M legal and .5-1M illegal. 


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This is Will Luden. We’ll talk again soon.

Will Luden
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  1. James C Kuhn Reply

    Real logic here, Will. The key to it all, of course, is enforcement.

  2. Charley Reply

    Good stuff!

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