Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs (EP.36)


If you have heard this phrase, you’ll know that it is intended to divide the world into those three categories: Wolves, the predators–and not the ecologically necessary ones. Just plain bad guys; perhaps even evil. Sheep, the wolves’ victims. Not always the weak and unwilling to fight back; just powerless against their wolves. And the sheepdogs; those of us who protect the sheep from the wolves.

This phrase, this concept, is often associated with the military or law enforcement. They are legitimately seen as sheepdogs. And being a sheepdog, the projector, is often associated with the male’s traditional role in our society. And these roles are often seen as static; we are one of the three, and that’s just part of who we are. As useful as this three-part concept is in helping us to understand our world, we need to understand that these roles are fluid, not necessarily gender-specific, and anyone can be any one of the three today. And a different one tomorrow.

And it is not just individuals who can legitimately occupy these roles. Hitler was a wolf, and an evil one at that. Poland was a sheep. Eventually, the Allies became the sheepdogs. And inside Poland, there were wolves, the collaborators; sheep, those who felt helpless in the face of Nazi terror; and the sheepdogs, those who did not feel helpless, and joined the Resistance. It is not hard to imagine that in some Polish families during that time, that all three categories, wolves, sheep and sheepdogs, were represented by different family members.

The most timid Father could become a sheepdog if his family’s home is being invaded. The quietest Mom could become a sheepdog if her child is not receiving needed medical attention. And any sibling could become a sheepdog if another sibling was being bullied.

So, Will, I get it about this. What I don’t get is why we are talking about it. Why? Because we all are surrounded by wolves. The wolves include massive and mounting debt caused by runaway spending at all levels of government. Politicians who advance their careers by ignoring painful problems that require immediate, but unpopular, solutions are wolves. Anyone in the public eye who is pretending to be dealing with issues by leaning on cliches, slogans and half-truths. Identity politics is a wolf. And the growing number of people and organizations with their hands out, demanding something they did not earn, and do not deserve.

Those are the wolves. And we are all in danger of being the sheep. Who among us will step up to being a sheepdog? Not the kind of heroic sheepdog who gets admiration during the action, and high praise and rewards afterwards. No, I am talking about the continuous hard work, the satisfying hard work, of fighting these wolves, and making for better communities and a better America. And with that, a better world.

This is a lot of what Revolution 2.0 is about; identifying the wolves and calling sheep to be sheepdogs to protect us from the very wolves our society has created.

Two main tenets of the Revolution 2.0 belief set:

  1. Personal Responsibility; practice it, teach it and
  2. Be Your Brother’s Keeper.

Tenet no. 1. Applies here because we are not called to be sheep. This is different than being a sheepdog. You can, and must, take personal responsibility and resist being a sheep without necessarily taking the extra step of being a sheepdog.

Tenet no. 2 If you have time and talents to offer, be your Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper by being a sheepdog. If you have the capability, and many of us do, I don’t see this as optional. The sheep, your neighbors and fellow citizens, need you. Step up to being a protective sheepdog.

Suggested link: Common Sense and Politics.

Now, as always, please do contact me about anything. Respond in my Revolution 2.0 blog, email me at And I’m easy to find on iTunes, Google Play and the usual Bat Channels, including Twitter and Facebook.

It is time for our usual parting thought. For us at Revolution 2.0, it is not only change your thinking, change your life. It is change your thinking, change your actions, change the world. And if you can do it in love and enjoy the people around you at the same time, all the better. Remember: Knowledge by itself is the booby prize.

Will Luden, writing to you from the road.

Will Luden
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8 Responses

  1. Jeff Gonyea Reply

    Sad, but true – though of course this is the purpose of today’s RWR podcast.
    If the crabs wait long enough, even if all of the original crabs who began pulling other crabs down somehow left the bucket (left, died, were eaten at Joe’s Crab Shack), the remaining crabs will still pull down newer crabs who just got in and try to get out.
    Being truly happy for another human – even a friend – when they are successful (not jealous, bitter or angry) are getting so rare in our society, that it’s almost become a bullet you could put on your resume.
    Keep inspiring us, Will!

  2. Don Reply

    I’m new in this discussion but it fit right in with how I think even in my old age at 75. The wolf,
    Sheepdog, and Sheep theory has attracted me for a long time starting when I first read it from a speech made by a top notch military officer. It fit my philosophy only I have taken it
    a step further adding Jesus as the shepherd that the sheepdogs respond to. Kind of keeps
    a proper perspective and keeps sheepdogs from becoming wolves because they are more likely to fall into that trap if they take their role too far.

    • Will Luden Reply

      Hi Don, welcome to the Revolution 2.0 conversation. I fully agree that a sheepdog with the wrong attitude can quickly become a wolf; the “tools” are the same. And please stay in the conversation. Cheers, Will Luden

  3. Charley Reply

    I agree with Don’s perspective on this. Jesus is the shepherd who is able to guide and keep the sheepdog properly focused on protecting the flock from the wolves. Unfortunately, the modern liberal society wants to remove the sheepdogs… and are terming this “toxic masculinity”. Am I wrong?

    • Will Luden Reply

      Charley, you are right on; more’s the pity. The new shepherd is the state. And one with ever-shifting morals and priorities. With that being increasingly true, it is not hard to imagine an entity like Antifa being seen as a sheepdog.

  4. Ken Rice Reply

    Will, was working a crossword puzzle this morning and looking for a word on a sheep’s cry. Was always “Baas” before but not with 3 “a’s” so read this blog again in case you could help me.

    Now, what you said was sooo (3 “0’s”, could be a lot more!) true! And, “Who among us Will step up to being a sheepdog?” Your Tenet 1 is right on – almost! Tenet 2 is also a must – but not quite! Why’s? Although, we’ve been taught for centuries biblically and by dawgs like you how to act as God has wanted and is pleased with us, they must also be carried up into this land’s Leadership toward they being our nation’s sheepdogs. Fortunately, many of them do know what’s needed in this democracy that God gave us but then, many do not.

    But, should as in centuries past the Word continues to come and go – and unfortunately, still Will unless our men & women in government from bottom to top get messages such as this and others. Tell us they are Will and are thanking you privately for any results they’ve bolstered from the Reasons you’ve offered them.

    So, looking back at “Common Sense & Politics (EP31) just reviews being sheepdogs – not only us but more importantly our politicians who we have put there for reasons they state but find it difficult to get rid of them for bypassing those reasons. While since “We Must All Hang Together” (EP3), the word must go higher for government use now and for later by your William in that Porsche on the road! Then just listen for our sheep to “bleat”.

    Thanks, Will!


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