Free or Equal (EP.07)


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“Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. If they are equal, they are not free.” Aleksandr Solzehenitsyn.

Clearly true on the face of it. In addition to differing capacities at birth, God’s choice, we develop and grow at different rates throughout life; our choice.

Solzehenitsyn is talking about the inevitability of unequal outcomes in a free society. Clear on the face of it. Let’s also talk about the equality of opportunity. Key point: it will never be a level playing field. Unless, of course, we hammer everybody down to the lowest common denominator. But everyone can create a life where they have everything they and their family need, and a lot of what they want. And then create the opportunity for their kids to do even better.

The “rules” for success are simple, and incredibly hard to follow. But incredibly well worth it.

Our country started out as an experiment in democracy, then became the world’s oldest democracy. We are now the most diverse country on earth, free and fully aware of what we need to succeed as individuals and as a nation. What are we going to do with what is now the world’s greatest experiment in freedom and diversity?

Will Luden, writing from my home office at 7,200 feet in Colorado Springs.

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Will Luden

I am your host, Will Luden, former long-time high-tech CEO and Board Chair. I had no idea when I started this podcast that it would become the highest calling of my professional career. Lincoln famously hoped that a government, “…of the people, by the people and for the people…”, would not perish from this earth. My hope, the reason for Revolution 2.0 ”A Booster Shot”, is that a government based on common goals, achieved by applying non agenda-based reasoning to core facts, will allow us to continue to build on our mutual inheritance of a legacy of dedication to seemingly impossible ideals, a legacy that also includes a history of achieving them.
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