Disney, Florida, Gays & You (EP. 397)

Once, Disney nurtured, delighted and  educated the young, and gays were fags. Neither is true today. One change is bad, the other is good. That is the subject of today's 10-minute episode.
Once, Disney nurtured, delighted and  educated the young, and gays were fags.

When I was growing up, Disney nurtured, delighted and  educated the young, and gays were fags. Neither is true today. One change is bad, the other is good.

Quick recent history on this subject:
1. The so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill never mentioned gays, and was designed to protect K-3 children from sexual concepts they were not ready to process.
2. After initially staying out of the controversy, Disney CEO Bob Chapek was pressured by his employees to jump in with harsh criticism of the bill.
3. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill reversing a 55-year-old favorable arrangement for California-based Disney.

Quick reaction:
1. The bill was entirely reasonable.
2. The Disney CEO should have stayed out of this entirely.
3. Is the Florida reaction a denial of Disney’s free speech?

Understanding issues like this is part of our overall Revolution 2.0™ goal of creating better lives for ourselves, our communities and for America.

That is the subject of today’s 10-minute episode. Please listen or watch on YouTube, like, subscribe, and comment.

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Continued summary:

Prior. “I called Gov. DeSantis this morning to express our disappointment and concern that if this legislation becomes law it could be used to unfairly target gay, lesbian, nonbinary and transgender kids and families,” Chapek said. 

“I want to be crystal clear: I and the entire leadership team unequivocally stand in support of our LGBTQ+ employees, their families, and their communities. And, we are committed to creating a more inclusive company — and world,” Chapek wrote in a memo to staff. “We all share the same goal of a more tolerant, respectful world.”

All while expanding Disney in autocratic China, well known for its intolerance to religion, by historcially persecuting Christians and now by its persecution of its Muslim Uygurs. And they are aggressively intolerant of LGBTQs, the very population that Mr. Chapek is pretending to defend in his   opposition to the K-3 Parental Rights Bill. The bill that insists that kids be taught age appropriate materials and concepts. Hey, they don’t teach calculus, the trial and death of Socrates or the horrors of war in second grade, so what makes anyone think that kids that young can handle concepts like being the wrong gender, gender fluidity, men having babies or parts of their privates being surgically altered? Attack Florida, while quietly doing business in China.

From Disney I learned that elephants can dance in Fantasia, the The 1940 Disney animated musical.

On the Sunday Night TV Series, The Wonderful World of Disney, former Nazi party member and SS Officer Wernher von Braun taught me about 3-stage rockets. Von Braun and his colleagues went out of their way to surrender to the Allies at the end of WWII, avoiding capture by the revenge-minded Russians. He eventually headed the US space program. Some said that we got to the moon ahead of the Russians because, “Our captured Germans were smarter than theirs.”

In 1953, the Disney movie, The Living Desert, taught me that seemingly desolate stretches of empty sand were teeming with life. I put that to the test in the early 70s, and Disney was right. I was stunned. Story.

In this way and others, including trips to its theme parks, Disney has added to my life. Billy at 4. Billy at 10. I spent three days in Disney World.

Over time, life taught me about how deeply wrong I was in my original view of gays as fags, or faggots, or in other pejorative ways. I had to outgrow  much of how I was taught to think as I grew up. I am embarrassed to say that much of my thinking needed to change. And I am pleased to tell you that it has.

Today, I do not want Disney supporting the premature introduction of advanced progressive ideas about sexuality in the minds of impressionable, non-discerning young grade schoolers. It is way too early to expose, but never too early to indoctrinate. I was indoctrinated early. Disney is supporting early but different indoctrination. No different, no better. It was a long swim back for me. Why indoctrinate and create the same massive need for change in our youth?

What’s the resolution? How do we go forward in the 14 months before the bill takes effect?.
1. Read the bill.
2. Get involved with your local schools. Kids are indeed the future of our nation–and the world.
3. Disney and DeSantis can work it out to their mutual satisfaction. It should not be that hard.
4. Allow freedom of speech to corporations as well as individuals.

In the 90’s, early in Apple’s development and expansion, CEO Steve Jobs was pushing a program to get kids using Apple computers, he called it “Kids can’t wait.” The title implied that kids needed to use and become familiar with personal computers sooner rather than later. True enough, and Jobs also knew that if they got used to Apples early on they would have a bias toward suing them as adults. That’s why he supplied them for free; that’s why he pushed the program. Jobs, along with many others, knew that if you had to get to kids early.

We all have the personal responsibility to understand what we are talking about before we start talking. Speaking of personal responsibility, this principle does not stand alone; the two main and interdependent principles at Revolution 2.0 are:

1. Personal Responsibility; take it, teach it and,
2. Be Your Brother’s Keeper. The answer to the biblical question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is a ringing, unequivocal “Yes.” There is no other answer.

Where do you stand? What are you going to do? Remember, it does not matter where you stand if you don’t do anything. You can start by subscribing to these episodes, and encouraging others to subscribe with you.

As always, whatever you do, do it in love. Without love, anything we do is empty. 1 Corinthians 16:1.


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This is Will Luden. We’ll talk again soon.

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