Disagreements Do/Should Not Make Enemies (EP.13)


Marc Thiessen, a self-described, “rock-ribbed conservative” in a column that appeared in yesterday’s Colorado Springs Gazette, wrote a piece entitled, “Our fellow Americans who disagree with us are not our enemies.” He starts by citing certain insults hurled at liberals by Rick Saccone when running in Pennsylvania’s recent special election. Mr. Saccone claimed that liberals hate America and hate God. Mr. Thiessen then describes his mother (you will see how extraordinary she is as a person and a patriot when you read the article) as a liberal Democrat who voted for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He goes on to say, “We disagree about politics, but we both love America and want to make this country great. We just have different idea about the best ways to do it.” Bingo.

My recent podcast, “Choosing Up Sides” could have been the setup piece for Mr. Thiessen’s article.

My favorite people are the ones who are good at what they do, but do not take themselves seriously. People who argue by insult and cliche are the opposite.

Lincoln, FDR and Churchill each had the confidence and wisdom to have a “team of rivals” as their cabinets and advisors. They and their countries benefited.

For some, jumping to conclusions is an Olympic sport.

Once, we were able to engage in passionate but reasoned debate. Loud and argumentative, but not ad hominem.

Where once we had duels “Pistols at 20 paces”, it is now “Insults and curses at 20 paces.”

Will Luden, writing from my home office at 7,200’ in Colorado Springs.

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Will Luden

I am your host, Will Luden, former long-time high-tech CEO and Board Chair. I had no idea when I started this podcast that it would become the highest calling of my professional career. Lincoln famously hoped that a government, “…of the people, by the people and for the people…”, would not perish from this earth. My hope, the reason for Revolution 2.0 ”A Booster Shot”, is that a government based on common goals, achieved by applying non agenda-based reasoning to core facts, will allow us to continue to build on our mutual inheritance of a legacy of dedication to seemingly impossible ideals, a legacy that also includes a history of achieving them.
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  1. Charlie Reply

    In a culture where we are encouraged to set ourselves up as idols, isn’t this a logical result? If I am my idol then you who disagree with me are a blasphemer and must be burned at the stake, verbally if not physically. Maybe pistols at 20 paces was a better system.

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